Chapter 2: Little Bird Told Me; A Mystic Podcast Novel and Free Audio Book

Chapter 2: Little Bird Told Me; A Mystic Podcast Novel and Free Audio Book

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Hello. This is the second chapter of the free serial audio book, and podcast novel: Little Bird Told Me. I got a good response from you people for the first two weeks. I got about 1500 listens. Please tell your friends about it if you can, and help me launch my mystic book podcast to real success. If you have a blog, write about it, if you have a myspace page, mention it. It will be greatly appreciated. May I remind you that can also buy 3 books in the text version from: . Enough said. About this chapter, entitled: “Arriving in San Francisco and Meeting Maria’. You might know that I live in San Francisco and know a lot of its ins and outs. It has left its mark on me and that is why I placed a lot of the book in this city. I work in a small hotel in San Francisco in the poor section of town much like Steve in the story might have stayed at, after he had saved up some money from his washing dishes and playing music for money in the streets. There is a part in the plot where I mention a Catholic ritual of burying a Statue of St. Joseph upside down. That is not totally made up. Catholics actually have been known to do this for certain reasons. That’s all I want to give away of the plot at this point. A friend of mine I grew up with named Seth Morgan who was going to marry Janis Joplin, lived in these lonely streets, and died about ten years ago after falling off a motorcycle down south. He lived here at the same time I did, but oddly I never saw him the whole time he was here. Very strange. You can Google Janis’s and Seth’s story. Seth wrote a book about these streets called: Home Boy. Please remember I am also a poet, I have a poetry podcast at: , and I have a poetry book out entitled: Spirits of Bondage and Inherent Transcendence. Charles Dickens produced his books serially to attempt to gain notoriety. Please hope for me that I succeed like he did. Enjoy.

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