Chapter 4: Little Bird Told Me: An Avant Garde Serial Podcast Novel

Chapter 4: Little Bird Told Me: An Avant Garde Serial Podcast Novel

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Hello. This is John Rhodes with the fourth chapter of my San Francisco podcast novel and free audio book, “Little Bird Told Me”, entitled: “Indian Ritual”. This chapter discusses a peyote ritual. Let me tell you a little about my background. I lived in Guadalajara, in Mexico, in the sixties, and, in a little town near Guadalajara, there are many Huichol Indians who live there who have permits from the government to eat peyote because it is part of their religion. They are mainly known by the public for the invention of the colorful yarn cross that people call the “God’s Eye”. The Huichol Indians have no swear words in their language and are generally known to be pacifists at heart. I don’t myself recommend the liberal use of peyote, and think that if society was allowed to use psychedelics, including marijuana, they should have to submit to regular psychoanalysis to prove that they wouldn’t become psychotic on the drugs, and also I feel they should only be distributed by strict prescription. I think the amount of people who eventually have psychotic experiences with these drugs is a lot higher than anyone had imagined. I don’t want my discussing psychedelics in this book to sound like a straight endorsement of their use, even though many people like Aldous Huxley have met the Godhead through their use. Remember; keep one foot in the world. Please also visit my open mike poetry podcast at , and please buy my books if you can. There are banners in, and on, all my sites so you can buy them. Remember, the ascetic taste vinegar, is good but not something that you can really live on, so please try to supplement my nourishment with your purchases of my works. I hope you cautiously enjoy this chapter. The image above is a picture of a God’s Eye.

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