Chapter 8: Little Bird Told Me: A Mystic Podcast Novel and Free Audio Book

Chapter 8: Little Bird Told Me: A Mystic Podcast Novel and Free Audio Book

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Hello. This is John Rhodes again, and this is the eighth chapter of my San Francisco podcast novel and free audiobook, “Little Bird Told Me”, entitled “Going to Mexico”. This is a rather long chapter being about 20 minutes. In relation to this chapter about Mexico, when I was young, in my early teen years I visited Oaxaca, during a period when I lived most of the time in Mexico with the hippies in Yelapa, Mexico, near Puerto Vallarta, which still has no road to it. The first hut I lived in down there, Donovan Leitch, the Scottish folk musician had just moved out of, back in 1965. I moved around to a couple different huts in Yelapa, that one being the first one I lived in. I lived on about 25 dollars a month. I also got to know a lot of the big Mexican rock musicians, the biggest being some of the musicians who played with the Mexican blues musician Javier Batiz. I haven’t visited Oaxaca since then, except for once in the late 70’s, but didn’t stay long, because it was winter, and it was bitterly cold there in Huatla at 11,000 feet. There are peaks near there that are easy to climb that reach to 14,000 feet. At night in the late summer in the rainy season, late at night, after a day’s rain, when there is a full moon, the valleys fill with luminous oceans of clouds that splash against the mountains, and at 11,000 feet there are millions of stars in the sky. The view is truly breathtaking. I won’t bore you with my story any more. I’ll just let you tune in your iPod and listen to Michael Butler, the narrator tell the story. Enjoy. Oh, by the way. The music in the beginning is a sound by “Canned Heat”, called “Huatla”. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As of the 10th chapter two chapters will be combined into one download and there will be a small charge per download. There will be a preview of the paid chapter, but to download the chapter you will have to go to my web site at and pay a pittance of .50 cents for each of the 2 chapter downloads. The address will also be on my show page in iTunes and in the show notes. There will be a total of 7 downloads of 14 chapters which is about 3.50 for the whole thing. That is the cheapest audio book available on the internet. I can do that because I am the publisher. Please consider this purchase. Thank-you.

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