Grief, Loss, and Mourning - Black Oxygen Season 5
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Grief, Loss, and Mourning - Black Oxygen Season 5

On this season of Black Oxygen - we are going to discuss grief, loss and mourning. Author of the Wild Edge of Sorrow, Francis Weller says, “Grief work is soul work. It requires courage to face the world as it and not turn away …”

In this season of Black Oxygen, we are going to do just that - face our grief together.

In addition to sharing some of their stories around loss, our guests and I will explore the following questions:
• It’s been said that the condition of Black life is one of mourning - what does this quote by Claudia Rankine mean to you?
• Sometimes we have a tendency to think of grief as a time bound linear process. What is your relationship to time and grief? How would you describe your process of grief and mourning?
• We know that our times of grief are not necessarily mutually exclusive from moments of joy - During your experience of grief and sorrow were there moments of joy in the process? Is there anything that made you laugh during that time?
• How has your experience of grief brought you closer to yourself? How has your experience with grief impacted your relationships?
• How has your experience of grief impacted how you show up in the world day-to-day?
• How do you think that tending to our collective grief could be a source of healing for our country’s wounds? What would need to be in place to make this happen?
• If you could create a grief playlist - what one or two songs should be on it?


Grieving While Black: An Anti-racist Take on Oppression and Sorrow by Breeshia Wade
Finding Refuge: Heart Work for Healing Collective Grief by Michelle Cassandra Johnson
See No Stranger by Valarie Kaur
The Wild Edge of Sorrow by Francis Weller

The Condition of Black Life is One of Mourning by Claudia Rankine

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