Ep.101 || Alia Armstrong | Reflecting on a Dream Season | 4th Place at World Champs | When Outsiders' Faith Becomes Your Own Faith | 2022 NCAA Champion
2 Black Runners · 70 minutes ·

Ep.101 || Alia Armstrong | Reflecting on a Dream Season | 4th Place at World Champs | When Outsiders' Faith Becomes Your Own Faith | 2022 NCAA Champion

Alia Armstrong, who finished 4th place in the 100m hurdles at the World Championships, joined your favorite 2 Black Runners for an interview about her dream 2022 season. Her season may have started with a false start at the NCAA indoor championships but she ended it as a NCAA Champion and  a World Championship Finalist. This is a special podcast because the Potts brothers know Alia's family, plus Joshua and Alia went to the same middle school together. 

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Time Stamps: 

00:00 Preview clips 

00:40 Episode start 

02:24 Interview start 

02:59 How did you survive your competition schedule? 

04:13 Reflecting on recent races 

06:21 Where does your maturity come from? 

10:00 Was the 4th place finish bittersweet? 

11:54 Did you think you would go this far this early? 

13:43 Best hype person out there! 

14:58 Alia’s mom and positive energy 

17:07 How does everybody know each other 

18:03 Parents influence 

19:28 How does it feel to have influence with your accomplishments? 

22:07 Pure happiness 

23:20 Following the path 

24:09 When you were younger, did you see track & field as your future? 

26:57 Results from middle school track meet 

27:28 What events were you doing before hurdles? 

29:29 Why didn’t you compete in the long jump? 

30:11 What was it like getting into LSU? And why did you pick it? 

32:56 What about the LSU coach, team, and culture makes it different? 

34:42 What was it like coming into a team with top competitors? 

36:50 What it like competing with Tonea at the Olympic trials? 

39:27 Do you feel like you've learned anything from the women on the US team? 

42:34 What were you doing in between race days at WC? 

45:10 Who had the loudest personality on the US team? 

48:06 Does the atmosphere change with the different competitions? 

52:19 Did you leave WC with hope for the sport? 

55:55 How does it feel to be a part of this golden age in track & field? 

58:53 Top 5 favorite Disney movies 1:00:35 how do you spend your free time? 

1:02:30 What music are you listening to right now? 

1:03:52 One message, what would it be? 1:05:14 

Who would be a good guest on the podcast? 

1:06:02 What mark do you want to leave on track & field? 1:09:17 Interview end

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