Ep.104 || Alison Désir | A Leader in the Modern Running Revolution | New Book, Running While Black, Available Oct. 18th
2 Black Runners · 63 minutes ·

Ep.104 || Alison Désir | A Leader in the Modern Running Revolution | New Book, Running While Black, Available Oct. 18th

Your favorite 2 Black Runners are back for a special episode with Alsion Mariella Désir!! Before Alison's book, Running While Black, drops next Tuesday on October 18th she jumped on the podcast for her 3rd time. This time around, Aaron & Joshua Potts got the chance to talk with Alison after reading an early copy of her book. Throughout this episode get a deeper look into what Running While Black is really about and prepare yourself for the release date next week. Also they discuss Alison's new TV show, the beginning of Harlem Run, the revolution of the running world, and much more 

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0:00 Podcast Preview 

0:48 Intro to Podcast 

3:08 Aaron gives Alison her flowers 

4:50 Aaron's recommendation on how to read the book 

6:00 Audiobook coming soon 

7:17 Dealing with a crazy schedule  

7:53 Alison Désir US GETTING A TV SHOW!! 

9:44 Realizing the importance of her work 

10:34 Impacting people  

11:28 Inspiration for the timeline /history in the book 

13:26 Running has never been open and available   

14:23 Alison is a BIG nerd  

15:15 5% of books buyers  

16:43 History and culture 

21:46 The significance of growing up in a Black home  

25:15 Running can be used as a vehicle to get somewhere else  

25:58 Alison never regrets a run 

26:26 What running has taught Alison lately  

28:54 The beginning of Harlem Run 

33:04 Running Crews & Social Media 

36:07 There is enough space for everyone  

38:00 Opportunity for inclusivity  

39:40 Do you feel like running is in a revolution? 

44:26 Chapter about reframing  

47:41 The original Book title  

52:58 Creating a new space in running  

53:27 Do you have any goals of what you want to do in the future? 

56:04 Will any New York Running Crews be offended about the book 

58:48 Interviewing Wyomia Tyus 

1:01:24 Outro

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