Ep.91 || Isaiah Harris | Anyone is Beatable | Returning From Torn Hamstring | 800m Mentality Keeping Him in The Race
2 Black Runners · 53 minutes ·

Ep.91 || Isaiah Harris | Anyone is Beatable | Returning From Torn Hamstring | 800m Mentality Keeping Him in The Race

Your favorite 2 Black Runners have been waiting for this interview with Isaiah Harris and it definitely didn't disappoint!! Harris joins the podcast ahead of his race at Portland Track Festival this weekend to discuss his return from the hamstring tear at the World Indoor Championships, how wide open the U.S. 800m team has become this year, who is going to win the NBA Finals, and much more.   

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00:00 Intro  

03:00 Isaiah's mentality in the 800m  

04:55 Looking back on racing NCAA 800m GREATS in college 

08:08 Was running professionally always the plan since running 

1:45 as a freshman 

09:57 Transitioning to Brooks Beasts at end of 2021. 

11:55 Tearing hamstring at the World Indoor Championships. 

14:34 Recovering from hamstring  

17:43 The benefits of having a team around you during the injury 

20:15 Growing up in Maine. 

22:07 What drew you to track & field? 

23:21 Bribed to get back into track & field. 

24:12 Winning STATE and University of Maine Full Ride Offer. 

26:35 Do you feel like taking things one year at a time has helped your career? 

28:01 Why Penn State? 30:48 Isaiah Harris's secret to racing the 800m? 

34:29 Do you feel like having played basketball has helped your mindset when running a race? 

35:03 Were there any athletes/teams outside of track that you looked up to? 

36:22 Patriots fan? 36:46 Who is going to win the NBA Finals? 

38:25 #NextStopOregon 

43:29 How has your relationship with running changed? 

44:46 What storyline has you most intrigued right now? 

46:13 How’s the dog doing? 

47:22 Who would be a great guest for the podcast? 

48:34 Are you excited about the women's 800?

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