Episode 4: Kat Feeney: Nutrition, Balance, Life Lived Fully

Episode 4: Kat Feeney: Nutrition, Balance, Life Lived Fully

Kat Feeney is a Holistic Nutrition Coach, Ultra Runner, and Multi-Passionate Adventurer. I met her when I was working on building a franchise of a health and wellness company that we were both affiliated with. She had been lauded so often by my team members I felt like I was meeting an A-class celebrity. Kat is a woman who has traded in the corporate Real Estate Gig for an explosive career helping women to achieve their healthy and quote “badass” selves. This skydiving, glacier climbing, rock hopping superstar shares with us some of the best parts of being Kat Feeney. Enjoy the show

Kat Feeney

Website: https://xokatfeeney.com/
IG: @xokatfeeney


A quick note about this show we talk about sensitive issues like body image and dieting. If these subjects are triggers for you please take care of yourself as you move through this conversation and reach out to the people that you trust to discuss further if you need to.

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