Special 8: Amélie Giusta and Andrea Gibson- Dance, Energy, Mindset, Fear.

Special 8: Amélie Giusta and Andrea Gibson- Dance, Energy, Mindset, Fear.

In this episode, Amélie Giusta talked to Andrea Gibson, the leader who she admires and looks up to. She has been a dance teacher to Amélie for a couple of years. She has amazing energy, a bubbly personality, and unconditional support for her athletes. Her love and warm heart are what make Amélie feel like she can trust her judgment, that she can speak with no fear, and feel close to someone who understands her.

In the podcast, they mainly talk about how their minds process information on negative and positive situations. They talked about fear and dance, competition and Andrea's new business, and what motivates her. 

Throughout the podcast, Amélie discovers lots of things about her own thought processes, and they discuss how she has helped influence Amélie like no other coach in her career. They break down being available for your athletes whenever you are needed as a coach,  and how she was there especially for Amélie when she wasn't in what she calls her "brightest days". Amélie says she "will always be grateful for someone like her to be a part of my life as a leader and teacher." This will be awesome, let's dive in.

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