051 - A Podcast for Your Loved Ones
The Dear Body Podcast · 50 minutes ·

051 - A Podcast for Your Loved Ones

If you’re listening to this episode, it might be because your loved one is suffering from issues with food and body. This episode is geared toward those who are trying to support someone in the midst of their recovery journey (or even someone who is considering taking the first steps). In this episode, Jessi shares what the struggle with food and body looks like, how our brain and neural pathways are affected by it and why it’s not an issue of willpower. She shares everything from how triggers can cause you to relapse, what the healing process will look like and how you can best support someone during their journey to healing.

In this episode:

  • How the struggle with food and body works
  • What the patterns of a struggle of food and body might look like 
  • The inner dialogue that many people struggle with
  • How triggers can cause you to relapse and how your brain stores things as coping mechanisms 
  • Why it’s not a willpower issue and how the struggle is similar to any addiction such as addiction to alcohol, pornography, etc. 
  • The high that comes from eating for binge eaters, overeaters or emotional eaters
  • The mental energy that comes from making decisions with food
  • What the FFM does to help women retrain their thinking and help them overcome their struggles with food and body
  • What the healing process looks like
  • How it takes time to find balance during recovery
  • What you can do to best support someone in the process of healing
  • Why comments from loved ones can be triggering during the recovery process (even well-intentioned ones)
  • Learning to hold space and affirm loved ones for being emotional without the need to try to fix 
  • A powerful question you can ask your loved ones when they’re opening up to you
  • How Jessi and her team audit incoming FFM clients to make sure they’re a good fit and will get the support they need


Join me for The Food Freedom Breakthrough Masterclass. This class is for those who know they want to improve their relationship with food and their body, but are afraid of spiraling out-of-control and want a proven, step-by-step system to go from feeling crazy around food to normal again!

You can either live your life at war with your mind or learn to work in sync with it. If you’re ready to work in sync with your mind and evolve your life, welcome to The Dear Body Podcast! Our mission is to help driven women have an easy and effortless relationship with food and unshakeable self-confidence in their own body. Make sure to subscribe so you never miss an episode & learn more about us here!

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