Beating Bloated Belly Hangover
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Beating Bloated Belly Hangover

How To Beat Bloated Belly Hangover

Bloated Puffy Belt Hangover

Most people retain a little water, and it is fairly common. As women, we especially may notice an increase in water retention during the week before their period. It's fine to stop water retention at home that is minor.

Yet if water retention seems major, occurs all the time, and is continually resulting in puffy extremities or excessive weight gain, this can indicate serious health issues. If you suffer more than a little water retention, you should not try to stop water retention at home but should see your naturopath or healthy fit doctor for a thorough checkup.

This show offers some great ideas to help stop water retention and reduce bloating and puffiness. It is the antidote for bloating and can help you get a flat stomach fast!
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