Susie talks Cryptocurrency markets 11th April 2022

Susie talks Cryptocurrency markets 11th April 2022

Susie's Podcast - talks Cryptocurrency Markets & more.

11th April 2022

1. Today I talk about the FED's rate hike policy - just stupid

2. Higher rates will lead to Depression

3. The Cryptocurrencies market for Specific coins is so cheap

4. An opportunity of a life time

5. Vechain - supply chain logistics

6. Bitcoin - no supply

7. Chainlink an amazing story

8.Massive food price and commodity inflation to get work - bought about by supply deliveries due to Covid.

9. The world is getting poorer - including the middle class - massive debt with rising interest rates

10. Cryptos will introduce freedom and meritocracy - a change of the corrupt fiat structure

11. More sell off to come - we wait to buy more cryptos - when BTC around $30,000

and more

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