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Today's guest is Rebekah Drumsta.

For over two decades, Rebekah’s skills, passions, and leadership have taken her around the globe to work with nonprofits and other organizations. Her background includes educational and online content development, event coordinating, international relations, and public speaking.

Currently, Rebekah is the Director of Public Relations for NPE Friends Fellowship, an international nonprofit organization that supports individuals and their families who have received unexpected results from an at-home DNA test.

She is also a consultant, writer, and advocate supporting survivors of spiritual abuse by providing resources to educate and equip not only the survivors but the public as well. Sharing her story to help others who have had similar life experiences is at the heart of Rebekah’s purpose.

Rebekah holds a BA in urban ministry and family crisis with a counseling minor and an MA in religious education; she is a Certified Professional Life Coach. She has appeared on BBC, NBC, ABC, and a variety of other platforms such as podcasts and film projects.

Her hobbies include binge-watching riveting shows, thrifting with her family, international travel, and dabbling in all things creative and artistic.

You can connect with Rebekah via her website: RebekahDrumsta.com.


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