Is a Career on YouTube Right For You?
The Boys & I · 71 minutes ·

Is a Career on YouTube Right For You?

The Boys & I are back from hiatus with an audio-only episode about careers on YouTube! We’re joined this week by our esteemed guest, Filup Molina from New Rockstars, formerly of SourceFed Nerd.

The Boys & Filup have a frank conversation about some of the benefits and risks that go into building a career in online media either as a creator, producer, on-camera talent or any combination thereof.

Is it better to be the unseen and unknown hand behind the content? Or a slave to the always-on social media grind? Is it worth giving up on creativity for stability? Will digital ever be as fulfilling as traditional media? Is anything fulfilling? Are the boys having a mid-life crisis? The answers to all these questions and more will surprise you if you are the sort of person that is surprised easily!

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