Is Your Audience Toxic?
The Boys & I · 59 minutes ·

Is Your Audience Toxic?

The Boys & I drop in at our old stomping grounds at Machinima to visit those dang ETC and Realm boys, our buddies and pals, Ricky and Shibby.

Better go ahead and CALL YOURSELF A PARAMEDIC IN ADVANCE THO because you’re basically about to mainline the sordid history of Machinima and ETC, whether or not it’s better to be an independent entertainer or a company man with more resources (but also more responsibilities), what it’s like to outgrow your own content, how to deal with a toxic audience, the darkest timeline for ETC and SourceFed (aside from, you know, cancellation), why the political left is eating itself and lots more stuff all wound up into one single podcast (sorry, TALK SHOW) that’ll make you LOSE YOUR FUCKING SHIT MAN WHOO

You want conspiracy theories? We got em! You want obtuse metaphors for the shrinking center in American politics! Got em! You want some broad career advice from four dudes with incredibly specific jobs in a rapidly imploding industry? GOT EEM!

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