Traditional Japanese Cuisine: Hot Dogs and Fried Chicken
Conbini Boys · 35 minutes ·

Traditional Japanese Cuisine: Hot Dogs and Fried Chicken

This week, the Conbini Boys take a deep dive into the fried chicken section of the hotbox. Starting with 7-11, they’ll be taking a look over the next couple of weeks at the fried chicken selection from each of the Big 3: Lawson, Family Mart, and 7-11. The spicy commentator is back with another review, this time looking at "Italian Pudding" from 7-11, and as for new items this week, they’re looking at the traditional Japanese cuisine known as “hot dogs.” Next, following up last week's Top 3 Favorite conbini items episode, Matt and Mike introduce their  “honorable mentions” to the list. And finally, the Boys introduce a new segment: “Conbini Boys Story Time” with a riveting story about the development of Pocari Sweat.

0:00 - Kickoff

1:30 - Hot Box Fried Chicken Deep Dive:  7-11 (7-11’s fried chicken selection)

8:47  - Sweets Review from the Karakuchi Commentator (7-11’s “Italian Pudding”)

11:20 - New Items: Hot Dogs! (Lawson’s “GOOODOG”, 7-11’s Cheese Dog)

15:42 - Mail bag check

18:32 - Near misses to our Top 3 Conbini Items

26:28 - Conbini Boys Story Time: The history of Pocari Sweat (The History of Pocari Sweat)

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