Joel Embiid and Anthony Davis dominate, Warriors troubles, and more...
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Joel Embiid and Anthony Davis dominate, Warriors troubles, and more...

On today’s BRING IT IN TrueHoop’s Jarod Hector and David Thorpe announce that later this week we’ll be changing the name of this podcast to TrueHoop, and joining the Gemini XIII family, which we are pretty excited about. We will keep delivering exactly the kind of great NBA content you are used to, like:

* Joel Embiid and Anthony Davis were dominant on Sunday. What does this mean for their respective teams?

* The Warriors are having a hard time getting stops. David says when you are developing young talent, there will be slippage.

* Jarod was not happy with the Cavaliers late-game execution over the weekend. Why do coaches and teams “stop playing” late in games?

* Jarod and David like what they’re seeing from the Nuggets.


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