Before and After
Built to Lead · 31 minutes ·

Before and After

In this episode of The Lippert Built to Lead Podcast, Edgar Cabello, leadership development director, speaks with Rose Rowley, the Quality Lead at Plant 58. Rowley shares her journey with Lippert, starting as a bender for compartment doors at Plant 45 with a rough reputation. The evolution of her career has been furthered by her desire to restore humanity in business and to find meaning in everyday tasks. 


“Everything you do should have meaning in one way or another.” -Rose Rowley [12:28]


“To show up in a better, new and improved version of yourself, I don’t think that is being inauthentic- it is taking care of yourself for the good.” -Edgar Cabello [17:52]

What You Will Learn:

  • [02:02] Rose's journey
  • [06:19] Stepping into a leadership role
  • [12:03] Before and After Rose
  • [13:24] Reading and leading by example
  • [14:40] Hiring to Lippert’s culture
  • [18:30] What Rose is hopeful about
  • [25:09] Benefits of LSW and LAP
  • [27:51] Rosie’s closing thoughts



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