30. Rick Pollack on career pivots and high tech manufacturing
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30. Rick Pollack on career pivots and high tech manufacturing

Rick Pollack is the founder and owner of MakerGear LLC. MakerGear engineers and manufactures desktop and benchtop 3d printers. In this episode we talk with Rick about the career pivot that led to MarkerGear and the importance of high tech manufacturing.

Rick started MakerGear in his garage in Shaker Heights in 2009 and MakerGear moved to their current location in Beachwood in 2012. MakerGear was one of the first companies in desktop 3d printing and helped to bring 3d printers to the masses.

Prior to MakerGear, Rick worked as a software developer for many years and for a variety of companies. He was a principal in eCCS a very early online CRM startup for the automobile industry and that company was acquired by Dayton based Reynolds and Reynolds in 2000.

Rick has a BS in Computer Science from the University of Cincinnati. You can often find Rick hiking in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park.

For more information on MakerGear: www.makergear.com

Connect with Rick on LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/rickpollack

And for information on MakerGear's virtual Toy Drive: https://www.makergear.com/blogs/stories/join-the-makergear-virtual-toy-drive

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