54. Alex Frommeyer on disruption and Ohio's opportunity
Built in Ohio · 33 minutes ·

54. Alex Frommeyer on disruption and Ohio's opportunity

Alex Frommeyer is the Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Beam Dental. In this episode we talk with Fro about disrupting the dental insurance industry, the golden age for building tech in the midwest, and why Ohio became home.

Beam Dental is a digital-first dental benefits provider that incorporates dental hygiene behavior into policy pricing, combining an easy-to-use online insurance platform, AI-powered underwriting, and the connected Beam Toothbrush for better overall wellness.

Beam has raised over $160 million in venture capital funding and is the only digital-first company within the $75 billion dental insurance industry. Beam also offers vision insurance and group term life coverage for employers of all sizes. Beam is available in 41 states around the U.S. and is accepted at over 400,000 access points nationwide. 

Fro has done an amazing job driving Beam’s continued success and expansion, and has also led the organization through multiple capital raises, most recently a Series E of $80M.

Follow Fro on Twitter: @AlexFrommeyer

Learn more about Beam Dental: www.beam.dental

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