55. Rob Moyer on solving tech talent challenges
Built in Ohio · 32 minutes ·

55. Rob Moyer on solving tech talent challenges

Rob Moyer is the Co-Founder and President of Agility Partners, LLC an IT recruiting and consulting company headquartered in Columbus. In this episode, we talk with Rob about his path to tech, building a new business, and taking risk for greater upside. 

 Founded in 2017 in his spare bedroom, Rob (and his partner Alan) self-funded AP and immediately began to disrupt the industry by building a greenfield, referral-based technology platform called Connect. In 2020, Agility Partners formally stood up its automation consulting division, Impower.ai.  Over those four years, AP has grown to 100+ employees in several states and has been recognized by the community and the industry for their innovation, diversity, and culture.

Rob lives in Grandview Heights, is a member of the Information Systems Advisory Board at Ohio University where he graduated, and is intimately involved in the tech community in Columbus and beyond.  In his free time, Rob invests, travels, acts like he golfs, and enjoys a stiff, smoked Old Fashioned at No Soliciting.

Connect with Rob on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/robmoyer/

For more information on Agility Partners, please visit: https://agilitypartners.io/

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