Ep. 10: Organizing against corporate power grabs like the TPP & CETA
the Built Environment · 45 minutes ·

Ep. 10: Organizing against corporate power grabs like the TPP & CETA

Thank you, dear listeners, for your patience as Marsha and Brenna took a break to settle into new jobs and school applications. We are back today with an episode focusing on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), a corporate power grab masquerading as a trade deal. While you may have heard that it's likely the agreement has met its demise with the election of Donald Trump to the American presidency, it's more important than ever to organize against the consolidation of corporate power, including the TPP and its sister agreement, CETA.

Tune in to hear Brittany Smith and Fatin Chowdhury, campaigners with the organization Leadnow, on why these trade deals have impacts far beyond "just trade." Importantly, we discuss how opposing these deals can foster inclusive, intersectional movements that stand in solidarity with communities on the front lines of corporate and state violence.

If you are concerned about the need for urgent climate action, Indigenous sovereignty and rights, labour rights and job loss, the cost of healthcare and prescription medication, and internet freedom (including digital privacy and copy rights), the TPP and CETA impact you. Learn more at http://rejecttpp.ca and if you're in Toronto, come out to the intersection at Spadina and Bloor on Saturday, November 26 at 2pm for a day of action outside Minister of Trade Chrystia Freeland's office. Let's show our support for public consultation and democracy. Episode photo by Fatin Chowdhury.

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