Episode 28 : The Importance Of Leveraging Testimonials To Attract New Clients - With Faye Hollands
Busy Business Women · 8 minutes ·

Episode 28 : The Importance Of Leveraging Testimonials To Attract New Clients - With Faye Hollands

None of us want to waste our time trawling Google trying to find the best restaurant, bar, electrician (insert thing you need)... which is why recommendations can be so super-powerful in business.

The problem is that most business owners don't have a systemised approach to collecting and leveraging testimonials - they're just being sporadic and winging it.

So in this episode I talk about why it's important to have a proactive system in place to hunt, gather and use testimonials in your business, along with 6 important steps to help get you started.

Grab the show notes here: https://busybusinesswomen.biz/podcast28


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