Episode 36:  The Business Of Branding With Julia Kuris, Designerbility
Busy Business Women · 51 minutes ·

Episode 36: The Business Of Branding With Julia Kuris, Designerbility

Branding is SO much more than your logo and core colours, but if you haven't got your head around the fundamental elements that build your brand it's easy to alienate your ideal customers and turn people off of your product or service!

So in this episode we tap into the creative mind of Julia Kuris, founder of Sydney based branding and design studio Designerbility, and discover what some of the common branding mistakes are that she see's small business owners make time and time again.   We also talk branding personalities, common and costly branding misconceptions, as well as productivity, networking, and what to do if you think your brand needs an overhaul.

Here's What You'll Learn In This Episode:

- Why it's important to have a brand personality for your business
- The common misconceptions about what branding is
- The top 3 branding mistakes small business owners make
- How to create a stronger brand and become more visible
- How to be more productive when you've only got small snippets of time to play with

Check out the show notes here: busybusinesswomen.biz/podcast36



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