Episode 43 - Managing Your Money Mindset - With Natasha Janssens, Women With Cents
Busy Business Women · 72 minutes ·

Episode 43 - Managing Your Money Mindset - With Natasha Janssens, Women With Cents

Money is a topic many people are uncomfortable with and often bury their head in the sand over!

But as a business owner it's imperative to get your head around the dollars - both personally and professional - if you're serious about being successful.

So in this episode I talk to the incredibly inspiring Natasha Janssens from Women With Cents who went from being a refugee escaping bombing when she was 18, to an award-winning finance expert, author of the  'Wonder Woman's Guide to Money' and successful entrepreneur running two businesses.

What you'll learn from this episode:

- How Natasha went from being a refugee with no income or support to a successful business woman running two businesses

- How financial matters lie at the heart of creating your ideal life, and how money can either help you achieve what you want or take you in the opposite direction

- Why mindset is critical when it comes to smart money management

- Why women rank themselves as less capable with money and second guess there abilities despite their level of financial literacy

- The importance of spending more time on the things that feel uncomfortable

- How the small spending decisions you make compound and cause the biggest problems

- The impact that being biologically wired to make financial decisions based on emotion can have on you - and your business

- How women often talk themselves down in business and create unhealthy financial habits

For more juicy money management tips plus an awesome freebie, check out the show notes, video recording and transcript here: busybusinesswomen.biz/podcast43



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