Episode #44: Building Strong Facebook Groups With Ryan Bowles
Busy Business Women · 72 minutes ·

Episode #44: Building Strong Facebook Groups With Ryan Bowles

Ryan Bowles knows a thing or two about building super strong Facebook groups...

He started out his career as the front man in a successful rock band who were signed by Sony, and during that time he managed to build a phenomenal following with over 40,000 hits to his website in just 7 days, and a loyal and ever-expanding tribe across MSN, MySpace and Facebook.

Fast forward to now, and Ryan is the go-to guy if you're serious about leveraging the power of Facebook groups in your business.

He's an entrepreneurial creative and the most un-salesy and un-douchey smart marketer I've had the pleasure of meeting,  who knows exactly how to build genuine connection and deliver immersive value to his community and clients - which have been instrumental in his career and business success.

In this podcast we get stuck into why Facebook groups really matter and how you can leverage this powerful free tool to build your business.

What you'll learn from this episode:

❌ How Ryan went from real-life rockstar to successful entrepreneur and community builder

❌ Why being authentic is overused, and how being raw and real will help you build and leverage stronger communities in your business

❌ How you are only one connection away from taking your business to the next level

❌ Why Ryan deleted his Facebook account with 5,000 friends on it
How maximising your personal Facebook account can help grow your business

❌ Why Facebook groups are so powerful at a time when we're supposedly so connected and yet mental health issues are at an all-time high

❌Why Facebook pages are like billboards that your ideal client just drive by whereas groups are like a lounge room that people want to hang out in

❌ The top Facebook group owner mistakes (ouch!)

❌Top 3 tips to help group owners make sure they're spending their time wisely to grow and leverage their group instead of just haemorrhaging time!

➡️For more awesome Facebook Group goodness as well as Ryan's awesome freebie, check out the show notes, video recording and transcript here: busybusinesswomen.biz/podcast44



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