How To Find Your Focus And Motivation Again
Busy Business Women · 11 minutes ·

How To Find Your Focus And Motivation Again

I want to be all rah-rah about 2020 because that’s what I’m normally like at this time of year - super-motivated and pumped for what’s ahead. But for a huge number of people in Australia right now that's not how we're feeling - me included.

And even if you're not in Australia, or impacted by the fires, you still might be feeling rather sloth-like as you ease yourself into the new year, lacking the motivation required to get going again in your business after the holidays.

So what can you do if you're not wanting to do anything at all?

In this podcast I share with you 5 simple steps to help you get your energy up and your mojo engaged again so that you can start making progress in your business.

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