Running & Supporting Rural Businesses with Samantha Meurant, The Rural Compass
Busy Business Women · 49 minutes ·

Running & Supporting Rural Businesses with Samantha Meurant, The Rural Compass

Samantha Meurant is a city girl turned country lady who knows all the good bits AND the tough bits about making a business work out west in SW Queensland.

An artist, educator, entrepreneur, storyteller and podcaster from The Rural Compass, Samantha is on a mission raise awareness and support for small businesses in rural areas.

In this episode we dive deep into the positive impact small businesses are having on drought effected areas across Australia, how we can all better support rural businesses, and why community over competition is so important in business - regardless of you location.

This is an inspiring, thought provoking episode that has something for every business owner, whether you’re rural or not.


What you’ll learn during this episode:-
  • The impact women in small business are having on drought effective areas across rural Australia
  • How having a clearly defined niche has allowed Sammy to have a significantly bigger impact through her business
  • Why we should all choose community over competition
  • Sammy’s top productivity tips for juggling a collection of different business brands along with being a Mum and wife
  • How we can all easily and effortlessly support rural businesses better


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