we need a revolution
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we need a revolution

Hey guys! Hope you're all minding yourselves and doing okay during these uncertain times. There's no pressure to be your best self or be as productive as possible but try not to fast forward this period, take everyday as it comes and it'll be over soon.

On this weeks episode (missing Ellie), I discuss my minor updates of my week as well as discussing my followers opinion or changes they'd like to see in Ireland in terms of socialism, education and the environment. It's hard for me not to politicise every issues in my life but there hasn't been a more clear alignment with political power and our livelihoods in every aspect. 

I know discussing politics can rub people up the wrong away, especially the capitalist versus socialism argument, but remember if you're going to start an argument with me over dm, you'll have to wait a long time for us to have a public dance-off because of the lockdown, and that's the only way to settle this.

Anywhoodle I hope you enjoy the podcast and remember to check in on your loved ones! Talk again soon x

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