Episode 050 – Sidney in Scream 3
SCREAM with Ryan C. Showers · 77 minutes ·

Episode 050 – Sidney in Scream 3

"Psychos can’t kill what they can’t find.” Sidney Prescott says this line of dialogue to her father at the beginning of “Scream 3” as she hides out in a secluded area under an assumed name. In “Scream 3,” Sidney is not only dealing with the trauma and paranoia that is a consequence of the first two killing sprees, but she also wrestles with unanswered questions about her mother’s life and murder. Join Ryan and podcast contributor Amar Karim to discuss Sidney’s deep, psychological, emotional storyline and character arc in “Scream 3,” which Ryan argues solidifies the legacy of Sidney Prescott as the ultimate “Final Girl” in horror movie history.


  • Mindset about Scream Series
  • Explain Character Series Episodes
  • Sidney Phone Calls
  • Sidney Living in Isolation
  • Sidney Comes Out of Hiding
  • Stab 3 Set Chase Scene
  • Sidney and Kincaid
  • Sidney and Roman
  • Sidney is Free: The Epilogue
  • The Ultimate Final Girl


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