Episode 051 - Gale in Scream 2
SCREAM with Ryan C. Showers · 77 minutes ·

Episode 051 - Gale in Scream 2

“Who is this?” “Gale Weathers, author of ‘The Woodsboro Murders.’” When we are reintroduced to Courteney Cox’s character in “Scream 2,” she has grown even more cutthroat, career-driven, and self-centered than who we met in the original film. However, through her interactions with other survivors, including David Arquette’s Dewey Riley, she undergoes an enormous personality and human transformation through the events of “Scream 2.” Join Ryan and podcast contributor, Amar Karim, to discuss Gale and Dewey’s character development in “Scream 2.”


  • Quick Alien Discussion
  • Gale and Dewey Beefed Up This
  • Fierce Introduction and Reunion
  • Dewey Starts Chipping Away at Gale’s Bitchiness
  • Randy’s Death
  • “I Feel Bad”
  • The Chase Scene and Fake Death
  • Gale’s Arc Comes Full Circle


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