Episode 054 - Screentime Data for “Scream” (2022)
SCREAM with Ryan C. Showers · 62 minutes ·

Episode 054 - Screentime Data for “Scream” (2022)

One of Ryan’s greatest obsessions is the screentimes of the characters and actors in the “Scream” films. He previously covered the screentimes of the first four films in an episode last November. This week, Ryan reveals the data on the characters and actors in “Scream” (2022). This is the first time Neve Campbell does not have the most screentime in a “Scream” film, and it is the smallest amount of screentime each of the trio has in the history of this franchise. Listen to the latest episode with Ryan and Patreon member Fran Perez for the comprehensive look at how much each character has an impact on “Scream” (2022).


  • Fran’s Opinion on “Scream” (2022)
  • Screentime Readings
  • Analysis of the Trio
  • Analysis of the Supporting Characters
  • Lead or Supporting: The Carpenters & Richie


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