Episode 060 - News on Kirby & Ghostface Killers: Roman Bridger
SCREAM with Ryan C. Showers · 109 minutes ·

Episode 060 - News on Kirby & Ghostface Killers: Roman Bridger

“I’m a director, Sid. I direct. You’re going to pay for the life you stole from me, Sid. For the mother, for the family – everything you had should have been mine.” Roman Bridger was revealed as the mastermind who helped put into motion the events of the original trilogy as well as being the franchise’s only killer who worked alone in a film. He has a divisive reputation among fans – his fanbase is enormous, but Roman is also cited by people who criticize “Scream 3” as a flawed killer. Join Ryan and guest Alice Ardent to discuss the legacy of Roman Briger and Scott Foley’s commanding performance. Additionally, join Ryan, Joey, and Justin in an introduction on Hayden Panettiere’s interview with People Magazine about her return to the franchise, Courteney Cox’s first set appearance on “Scream 6,” and Neve Campbell’s denial of rumors about future involvement in the next film.


  • Hayden Panettiere’s People Interview
  • Courteney Cox spotted as Gale on set of “Scream 6”
  • Neve Campbell’s Scream 6 Denial
  • Get to Know the Guest 
  • Roman Characterization Pre-Reveal
  • Billy Parallels: Act 1 Arrested and Act 3 Faked Death
  • Motive Maureen Connection and Role in Her Murder
  • Roman as the Killer Mastermind 
  • The Fight Scene, Final Events, and Handholding
  • Scream Speed Round with the Guest


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