Episode 061 - Samara Weaving, Scream II, & RCS Mentor Sasha Stone Interview
SCREAM with Ryan C. Showers · 102 minutes ·

Episode 061 - Samara Weaving, Scream II, & RCS Mentor Sasha Stone Interview

This week, six Patreons join Ryan in the introduction to discuss the leaked “Scream 6” title, as “Scream II” or “Scream !!” Additionally, the group weighs in on the “Scream 6” casting of Samara Weaving of Radio’s Silences “Ready or Not.” For the main episode, Ryan hosts Sasha Stone as a featured guest. Sasha runs the website AwardsDaily.com, which is the awards show/film website where Ryan was first published and began his career as a film content creator. In this episode, Ryan and Sasha reflect on their relationship, Film Twitter, and old-school horror films like "The Shining" and "Rosemary's Baby." Most importantly, Sasha wrote, narrated, and appeared in "The Summer of the Shark," a visual essay about "Jaws" in Netflix's "Voir." Sasha's work about "Jaws" is similar in spirit to Ryan's deep connection with "Scream" -- different generation, same experience. Sasha shared a story about a real-life experience with none other than our queen, Neve Campbell. Sasha also weighs in about Neve/Scream 6, as someone with knowledge of the industry and who is outside the Scream bubble.


  • Scream 6, Scream II, Scream!!
  • Samara Weaving Cast in Scream 6
  • Sasha Introduction, Sasha’s Brand 
  • My time at Awards Daily
  • Film Twitter; why I left the Oscar scene
  • Netflix “Voir” – “The Summer of the Shark”
  • Story About Neve Campbell
  • Sasha’s Take on Neve Campbell and Scream 6
  • Sasha’s connection/history with Jaws, being akin to mine with Scream
  • Sasha’s Flavor of Horror 

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