Episode 069: Flaws in the Requel Formula & Scream/Halloween Legacy Cast
SCREAM with Ryan C. Showers · 83 minutes ·

Episode 069: Flaws in the Requel Formula & Scream/Halloween Legacy Cast

The “Requel” became synonymous with “Scream” (2022). However, it was Blumhouse that standardized a formula that “Scream” (2022) utilized, something which revived not only the Ghostface series from an eleven-year hiatus but revitalized the horror-slasher genre in general. The formula worked wonderfully in “Halloween” (2018) and “Scream” (2022), but the cracks that began to appear with the release of “Halloween Kills” (2021) are now becoming bigger flaws as we approach the release of “Halloween Ends” (2022). The formula was a great launching pad, but the problems with the scheduling and financial model are even perhaps affecting “Scream 6” with Neve Campbell and Courteney Cox. Join Ryan as he reads aloud an essay he penned about this exact topic, followed by a discussion with a panel of Patreons about the cracks and flaws in the requel formula and legacy cast members.


  • Ashley’s 2.0 Introduction
  • Ryan Reads an Horror-Economic Essay
  • Panel Discussion
  • Blumhouse & Jamie Lee Curtis
  • The Model
  • How Scream Adapted the Model
  • Neve Campbell and Courtney Cox
  • The Future

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