Episode 072 - Grading the SCREAM Films & New Releases with Zack Cherry
SCREAM with Ryan C. Showers · 147 minutes ·

Episode 072 - Grading the SCREAM Films & New Releases with Zack Cherry

In this episode, Zack Cherry (host of the Zack Cherry Youtube Channel and the Cherry Picker Podcast) returns to SCREAM with Ryan C. Showers. Join the dynamic duo, Ryan and Zack, for a conversation about their experiences as content creators, the recent film releases (Pearl, The Black Phone, Nope, Bodies Bodies Bodies, and The Barbarian), and instincts about “Halloween Ends.” The center of the episode is Ryan and Zack examining the five Scream films using the lens of a three-act structure and assigning grades to each portion of the SCREAM films as though they were five-episodes of television rather than single films.


  • Catching Up
  • The Cherry Picker
  • Black Phone
  • Nope
  • Bodies Bodies Bodies
  • The Barbarian 
  • Pearl
  • SCREAM by the “Acts”
  • SCREAM 1 Grades
  • SCREAM 2 Grades
  • SCREAM 3 Grades
  • SCREAM 4 Grades
  • SCREAM 5 Grades
  • Halloween Ends Instincts

Conclusion with Amar Karim

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  • Producer: @albertmpadilla 
  • Network: @EarGlueMedia 
  • Special Guest: @ZackCherry on Youtube, @ZackCherry8 on Twitter; @retrobitchface @CherryPickerPod on Instagram
  • Contributor: @AmarKarim


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