Episode 075 - I Know What You Did Last Summer – 25th Anniversary
SCREAM with Ryan C. Showers · 100 minutes ·

Episode 075 - I Know What You Did Last Summer – 25th Anniversary

In the podcast’s 75th episode, Ryan and his contributors and guests celebrate the 25th anniversary of “I Know What You Did Last Summer.” As part of the 1990s Slasher, Kevin Williamson, Sarah Michelle Gellar family, the gang examines their thoughts about the film over the years and how it holds up today. Each person shares their “I Know What You Did Last Summer” story and partakes in a special speed round designed specifically around this film. In addition, each member of the panels is assigned one theme and specific sequence in the film to discuss in depth. To top it off, there is an intense debate about Julie James and her controversial reputation as a final girl.

Ryan’s Introduction

  • IKWYDLS Story 
  • Screentimes
  • Debate – Julie James
  • Socio-Economic Commentary
  • Opening Sequence
  • The Second Act
  • Barry’s Death + Helen Watching
  • The Tragedy of Helen Shivers
  • Finale on the Boat
  • Speed Round


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