Episode 078 – Sidney in Scream 1
SCREAM with Ryan C. Showers · 89 minutes ·

Episode 078 – Sidney in Scream 1

“Not in my movie!” Those are the iconic final words of Sidney Prescott in the original “Scream” film, declaring that she will not let the actions and terror inflicted by her boyfriend will define her life. Over the course of the first chapter in the horror franchise, the audience is introduced a young woman who is trying to make sense of her trauma a year after her mother was murdered. Soon after she is harassed and attacked by a masked killer, Sidney’s life is again thrown into upheaval. Join Ryan and podcast contributor Amar Karim to discuss how Sidney grows from a meek teenage girl preyed upon by her boyfriend to a fierce young woman who breaks all the textbook “final girl” rules. In addition, Ryan is joined by Jamie Acorn to introduce the episode and Chris Saint to conclude the episode, both of whom share their Scream stories and participate in the Speed Round.

Introduction with Jamie Accorn

  • Neve’s Overall Performance
  • First 30 Minutes Introduction: Bedroom, School, Attack at Home
  • Sidney’s dialogue-driven scenes with Gale, Dewey, Tatum, Billy: All About Her Mom and Dad
  • Sidney in the Bathroom with the Cheerleaders
  • Sidney and Billy Breaking the Rules
  • Attack at Stu’s House: Chase Scene, Kenny, and Police Car
  • Her Movie: Sidney in the Finale

Conclusion with Chris Saint

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