Episode 084 – Sidney in Scream 2
SCREAM with Ryan C. Showers · 97 minutes ·

Episode 084 – Sidney in Scream 2

“I’m a fighter.” Join Ryan and podcast contributor Amar Karim to discuss Sidney’s character development and Neve Campbell’s performance in “Scream 2,” continuing to celebrate 25 years since the film’s release date. To open the episode, Ryan welcomes listeners into the episode with Josh and Justine from the Scream Queens Podcast. Ryan concludes this episode with a brief discussion with Tony Filageri, author of an article that ranks all 100+ scenes in the SCREAM series.


  • Scream Queens Podcast 
  • Overall Thoughts on Performance and Arc 
  • Sorority Sister v. Actress
  • Sidney as a Girlfriend Post-Billy
  • Sidney as a Fighter
  • Cotton Weary Connection
  • Cop Car
  • Finale 
  • Ranking All SCREAM Scenes


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Ranking Every Scene in the Scream Franchise Article: https://rabbitinred.com/screams-25th-anniversary-ranking-every-scene-in-the-franchise/

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