C.L. has turned down many requests from friends and listeners wanting to be guests on his podcast. But he didn't turn down today's guest: Amber Albee Swenson, a writer, blogger, podcaster, and mom. Take a listen as C.L. and Amber talk about issues facing young people today.

About "The Nonmicrowaved Truth":
How fast do you have to have "IT"? Our culture tells us to find a microwave to speed up the process. C.L. Whiteside, a man who sees and hears multiple perspectives through his life of coaching sports, serving in education, and attempting to conform to Christ, searches for the nonmicrowaved truth. C.L. gets that what’s cool and acceptable now, may not be cool and acceptable tomorrow—and most importantly, may not be what’s best.

Hit up C.L. on Twitter or Instagram: @ChampionLife23

"The Nonmicrowaved Truth" is a Time of Grace production.

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