Operator, Connect Us To Adam Lambert
Brenda, Call Me! · 51 minutes ·

Operator, Connect Us To Adam Lambert

Goodbye glossies and hello, Adam Lambert! 

Courtney casually rings up her mate Adam Lambert and he tells us which iconic movie role he auditioned for but didn't get, deets about a special live event he's curating for Stonewall, and what it's like touring with the legendary band Queen.

Our polari word of the week is: "Dolly Ecaf"

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Hosts: Courtney Act and Vanity
Guest: Adam Lambert
Managing Producer: Andrew Brentnall
Lead Producer: Lem Zakharia
Assistant Producer : Hannah Bowman


For tickets to Courtney Act's Fluid shows, visit https://bit.ly/3bREjOI

Link to Queer friendly mental health services https://bit.ly/30QdQLg

Adam Lambert's Feel Something Foundation https://feelsomethingfoundation.org/

Brenda, Call Me! Music Video https://bit.ly/2Nzlsya

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