Episode 89: Season 1 Roadmap?!
The Dropshot - A Call of Duty Podcast · 159 minutes ·

Episode 89: Season 1 Roadmap?!

For episode 89, we consult our poll from the Discord about whether we should do Q and A, or cover the giant truckload of new information we've gotten on Season 1 of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and go from there; tons talked about in this episode!

The podcast is streamed live on Twitch every Wednesday and Saturday night at 7 o'clock Pacific! You can find the link below if you wanted to watch live - as you've no doubt heard, viewer interaction is high, so hop in, say your piece, and ask questions!

🔹Streaming schedule (Pacific time):
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We typically start early, around 6:30, just to hang out and chat with everyone, and after the podcast we almost always stream some gameplay over on Tanner's channel.

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