Help Elect Moms with Liuba Grechen Shirley of Vote Mama and Jasmine Beach-Ferrara
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Help Elect Moms with Liuba Grechen Shirley of Vote Mama and Jasmine Beach-Ferrara

Mothers in Congress are leading the way on children and family issues.  In new research Lisa A Bryant and Julia Marin Hellwege found that mothers write, on average, five more bills over their time in congress compared to women who are not mothers, and moms with children under the age of 18 are even more productive.  These congresswomen are more likely to include a variety of policy issues including healthcare access, educational priorities, and family leave.  Basically, we need more moms in office.   

Today I’m going to talk to a couple of hardworking mothers who are committed to improving how government can help us, Liuba Grechen Shirley, a mother of three who started Vote Mama PAC and Vote Mama foundation and one of the mamas her PAC supports, congressional candidate of Western North Carolina, and another mom of three, Jasmine Beach Ferrara.  

You may be thinking to yourself, Caitlin, you’re getting pretty political here.  Well, I created this podcast to share my platform with causes I want to help, organizations that I think are making a positive impact, and Vote Mama is one of them.  And though politics in this country are painfully divisive, I do believe these are two women who are fighting to improve the quality of life for all Americans. So, whatever your political affiliation, I hope you are able to listen to these brilliant mothers who care deeply about our country.


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