Ministering: Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo
Topic: Pull The Plug
Text: Matthew 6:25-33

There’s nothing you are facing in life that God hasn’t addressed.

The main reason why you are anxious and stressed is because you are claiming responsibility for your life.

Matthew 6:25. You must practice the discipline of not worrying because your life is not your business.

Worrying as a Christian is you saying you have no vote of confidence in God who has promised to take care of you.

You should trust God enough to guide you through life. God lives in eternity, what you're going through at the moment has been handled over a million times.

You being anxious about your life, is an insult on his personality.

If GOD can clothe the birds of the air and the grass of the field, why do you think HE (GOD) doesn't care for you, whom HE has created in his image and likeness?

Have you forgotten he killed his only son just for you?

Why worry?

Luke 12:15-20, 1 Peter 5:7

Psalm 127:1-2. The more you can sleep (relax), trusting God’s process, the more He can work things out for you.

You are not your own, God owns us all. While you’re here on earth, you will do yourself good by handing yourself to Him.

Pull The PlugPastor Kingsley Okonkwo

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