Podcast episode 019: Being single and Christian
Centre for Christian Living podcast · 39 minutes ·

Podcast episode 019: Being single and Christian

If your church is like most churches, around a third of the people sitting in the congregation on any given Sunday are single. Some have never married; others are widows, widowers or divorcees.

What’s it like being single and Christian? How can we think biblically about the subject? And how can churches minister more effectively to the many single people in their midst?

Dani Treweek is currently doing some postgraduate research into these questions, and she joins us in this episode not only to share some of her personal experience of being single (and ministering to other singles), but to give us a sneak peak at the results of her research.

Transcript and show notes available from https://ccl.moore.edu.au/2018/09/03/podcast-episode-019/

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