102. Do You Get Weird at Tax Time?
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102. Do You Get Weird at Tax Time?

102. Do You Get Weird at Tax Time?102. Do You Get Weird at Tax Time?102. Do You Get Weird at Tax Time?

There are two things in life that are part of life: 1. you will die, and 2. you will pay taxes.  Do you get weird around paying taxes, or is it easy for you?

I discuss tax with International Lawyer, David Kubes, and how his point of view when it comes to paying taxes creates more ease.

You can change anything in your life that you think is not working for you, you just have to choose.  It's the point of view you have and the energy around what you are doing and being.

David highlights that taxes enable us to have it easier in our daily living and that avoiding taxes is like cutting off living in a community.  Nevertheless, you can still get creative.  Creativity is not the same thing as avoiding.  

You are actually a contribution in the way you spend money. If we all looked at the world like that, what could we truly create?

Keys to success

  • Change Your Energy Around Paying Taxes
  • Are You Avoiding Or Creating Your Life?
  • Contributing To A Bigger Ecosystem
  • Getting Creative With Taxes
  • Educate Yourself

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