105. Never Turn Down Your Flame
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105. Never Turn Down Your Flame

105. Never Turn Down Your Flame105. Never Turn Down Your Flame105. Never Turn Down Your Flame

What if you are not wrong, no matter what you look like, no matter what you choose and no matter who you sleep with?

In this episode, Simone Milasas explores the difference that you choose regardless of the projections at you that you are weird. Join Simone as she interviews Christopher Hughes and Wesley Pullen about their experiences growing up as different and the choices they made.

Have you ever been projected at that it is weird to be gay? Do you choose less than or stop being you in order to fit in? Have you ever been bullied for being different?  Or do you have an ever-present sense of wrongness for being you?

Rather than judging yourself when people project at you, what if every single thing you chose was different and you didn’t cast it as weird?

Keys to success

  • Projections of Weirdness For Being Gay
  • Fitting In To Avoid Feeling Weird
  • Tools To Never Turn Down Your Flame

Daily Questions

  • "What is right about me I am not getting?"
  • "What is right about this I am not getting?"
  • "What gift was this in my life?"

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You are not alone.  Reach out to Christopher Hughes on Instagram @ismyhair2big 

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