107. Stop Being A Bitch To Your Body
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107. Stop Being A Bitch To Your Body

107. Stop Being A Bitch To Your Body107. Stop Being A Bitch To Your Body107. Stop Being A Bitch To Your Body

Do you believe that bodies are magical? Or do you subscribe to the common sentiment that bodies can’t change?  Perhaps you are over a certain age where it’s projected at you that it’s all downhill from here, or maybe you have received a diagnosis that is considered unchangeable or even fatal.

Society has this projection of what you are capable of with bodies and what you are not capable of, but what if everything you were ever told about bodies is a lie?  In this episode, Simone Milasas talks with Becky Vannes about the possibilities that exist with our bodies, and their ability to recreate.

Your body desires to play with you and have joy and be hedonistic!  What if now is the time and space, no matter what is going on with your body, that you start enjoying it and having this playground of possibilities with and as your body?

Keys to success

  • An Unchangeable Diagnosis
  • Recreating Your Body
  • What Is Your Reality With Your Body?
  • What If You Stopped Being A Bitch To Your Body?
  • Making Time For Your Body
  • The Gift of Your Body

Daily Questions

  •  "How do I work with this? What is my body asking for that can change it?”
  • “How does it get any better than this?” and “What else is possible?”
  • “What else is possible with my body?”
  • “What is my reality with my body?”
  • “What gift are you to me and my life, body?”

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