110. Judgement or Joy with Your Body?
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110. Judgement or Joy with Your Body?

110. Judgement or Joy with Your Body?110. Judgement or Joy with Your Body?110. Judgement or Joy with Your Body?

How many people are okay with their bodies and okay with their money?  Very few.  What if, instead of looking at the problems you’ve decided you have, money and bodies were a possibility to explore?

In this episode, Simone Milasas, who used to override and resist her body by eating and drinking and doing whatever she wanted, and was $187,000 in debt, explores money and bodies - two topics not normally discussed together - with Sarah Watt, a previous workout junky who was forever seeking the next target with her body.

What else is possible with our bodies and money?  What is it you desire to create?  You don't have to have a problem in life.  You can have possibilities show up. 

Keys to success

  • The Connection Between Bodies and Money
  • Problem Versus Possibilities
  • Judgement Only Ever Destroys
  • The Space of Relaxation

Daily Questions

  • "Hey body, what else is possible today? What adventures can we have today? What level of relaxation can we choose? What possibilities can we invite? How many revenue streams can we invite?" 
  • "What are the possibilities here?  If I wasn't looking at or fixated on the problem, what else would be possible?"

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