132. 3 Tools I Used To Change My Money Problems
The Choice, Change & Action Podcast · 23 minutes ·

132. 3 Tools I Used To Change My Money Problems

Do you struggle with money - you never have enough, there are always more bills and outgoings than what is coming in and there are many things you would like to do but you just can’t afford it?

Simone Milasas has been there.  She used to be $187,000 in debt and had created a financial mess for herself.   What if nobody needed to have a money problem?

In this episode, Simone explains the three tools that she used to start herself on the path out of debt and in to becoming a multimillionaire. 

The tools that Simone describes are simple and easy to use.  You can start right away!  You just have to choose to change and actually use the tools. It’s not enough to know what they are. 

Keys to success

  • What Are You Currently Choosing With Money?
  • Is It Your Point of View?
  • Where Do You Limit Yourself With Money?
  • Tool 1: Change Your Point of View Around Money
  • Tool 2: The 10% Honouring You Account
  • Tool 3: Carry An Amount Of Money A Rich Person Would

Daily Questions

  • "What's my point of view around money?" 
  • "If I was creating my financial reality, what would I choose?"
  • "What would it take for this money to show up?" 
  • "What would it take for more revenue streams to show up?" 
  • "How many more revenue streams can I receive today?"
  • "What else is possible?" 
  • "What else is truly possible with my money and finances?"

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